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Happy New Year, all.  This year for Yuletide I received an absolutely lovely gift from Andraste, Phil and the Yellow Dwarf : a story about 'George and the Red Giant'.  Anyone who likes 'Babylon 5', particularly the Londo/G'Kar dynamic, and has somehow missed this 1-hour radio play ought to find it and listen immediately.  The story I asked for is a followup for the play, and Andraste delivered beautifully.  It's poignant, beautifully written, and gives no easy answers.  Everyone should read this!

My own story ended up being the usual novella-length affair (nearly 40,000 words ... why do I do this to myself?), and this year it's a post-series followup story.  The prompt was possessed!Cooper, and I thought it was high time I addressed the series finale and my thoughts about how it could be resolved.  I didn't want everything to be too neat or too easy, and I definitely didn't want my solution to be without cost.  In that spririt I plunged into writing a story that ended up with several new POVs (those of you who have read my previous 'Twin Peaks' stories know I've pretty much limited myself to Albert's POV), and some serious canon-spelunking (though as far as I know the entire story is canon-compliant, if extrapolating on vague aspects in some places).  Audrey turned out to be the unexpected delight of this story.  Writing her POV was a trip, and the twists and turns of her part of the story were very rewarding to write.  What stemmed from the idea of Albert, Audrey, and Denise on a road trip ended up being a story I'm quite proud to have written.

Rating: PG-13 (for canon-typical violence, horror themes, and some language)
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Characters: Dale Cooper, Albert Rosenfield, Audrey Horne, Denise Bryson, Harry Truman, Deputy Hawk, Big Ed, BOB, MIKE, the Log Lady, Major Briggs, Sarah Palmer, and other surprise appearances!
Historian's Note: Takes place roughly one week after the series finale (dates checked for accuracy).
Summary: On April 3, 1989, Audrey Horne turns up at the Philadelphia FBI field office looking for Albert Rosenfield. She has a story to tell, a business card, and a request for assistance. Over the next few days Albert discovers supernatural science projects and the reason why even forensic specialists should keep up their firearms training, Denise Bryson has a car and the will to use it, the Bookhouse Boys really ought to subcontract more, and Harry Truman has a serious problem on his hands:
BOB is out, and eager for fun. He wears a smile; everybody run.